Fred G. Mills - Certified Public Accountant and Financial services

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.
They include:


Individual Tax Returns

a.    Amended

b.    Multi-State returns


Business Tax Returns

a.    Amended

b.    C-Corporation

c.    Homeowner Associations

d.    Estates

e.    Non-Profit Organization

f.     Partnerships

g.    Payroll Tax Returns

h.    Personal Property Tax Returns

i.     S-Corporation

j.     Sales Tax Returns

k.    Schedule C (Sole Proprietors)

l.     Trusts


Financial Statement Preparation

a. Business and Personal

Homeowner Association Services

a. Maintaining the billing and assessment function


Personal Services

Managing your personal finances while you are on extended periods away from your home or business (Missionaries)


Tax Planning

a. Business and Individual


QuickBooks Support

QuickBooks ProAdvisor-Complete Quickbooks Accounting services for your business with real world experience using quickbooks to provide complete accounting and bookkeeping services.